The Challenge

The challenge for leaders, managers and business professionals is to accomplish more with fewer resources. Immersed in day-to-day stress of responding to urgent demands professionals are often left without the structure and support they need.

The Solution

The solution comes through MINDtalk’s brain-based sparring, which provides a confidential, constructive and supportive venue for professionals to systematically re-evaluate their strategy, direction, priorities and purpose. At the same time receiving experienced and independent counsel while staying focused and effective.

The Benefit

Greater control and oversight from improved self-management skills.
Greater insight from talking freely about ideas, concerns and problems and knowing they will get objective and consturctive feedback.
Greater confidence and mastery from knowing the necessary and specific communication skills to handle stress and difficult conversations.


Working with Jason has been a great learning experience. His knowledge of brain-based leadership has certainly influenced our leadership training program. Through coaching sessions with Jason I have got new perspectives. I have learned tools and strategies that are extremely useful both at workplace and in personal life.

Tore Omdahl
Seniorrådgive at Telenor Norge AS

Since early 2019 Jason has been working with us at the United Nations Systems Staff College on several occasions. He has delivered sessions on brain science in the context of discussions about leadership and communication challenges. Jason's unique style, pleasant personality, experience and knowledge make him a wonderful and effective partner to work with. His sessions on the brain science behind various behaviours and ways to adjust them for better outcomes are very well appreciated by our audiences, who are typically high ranking UN officials.

Simona Constanzo Sow
United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC)

Thank you Jason for brilliant insights, hands-on training and useful methods regarding leadership, communication, feedback and so much more! I had the pleasure to both create a leadership development program with you, as well as get coaching from you, and I treasure everything I have learned on the way. It was and is a fantastic growth opportunity for me.

Alina Karafiat

I have known Jason as a friend and professional coach the last 20 years. Jason has made me more curious and interested in my own drivers, values and my inner dialogue. He asks the right questions and share his insight. It has made me more conscious about who I am and how I am, and what I want. It has definitely helped my development on both a personal and professional level.

Inge Solheim
Expedition Guide
/Speaker/Polar Expert

Jason has worked with PGS to develop specific high impact managment and leadership training for our offshore management team members. His professional expertise and personality has consistently made his training courses among the higest rated offered by PGS.

Mark Smith
Vice President Human Resources at PGS

Jason er en dyktig coach og sparringspartner som ser det hele mennesket. Jason har hjulpet meg med å finne frem til mine sentrale drivere både hva gjelder arbeidsrelaterte utfordringer og utfordringer på det personlige plan. Han har utfordret mitt tankemønster og fått meg til å tenke annerledes. Han har også hjulpet meg til å bli flinkere i å kommunisere mine faglige og personlige styrker. Dette har gitt meg større trygghet rundt meg selv og hvem jeg er som person. Jason er en dyktig coach med sterk integritet. Han er en genuint god lytter som stiller reflekterende og kraftfulle spørsmål. Takk for en fantastisk givende, motiverende og utviklende prosess som jeg har satt stor pris på. Jeg ser frem til gode coachingsamtaler fremover.

Bente Person Samuelsen

I have used Jason as a coach for several years. He has taught me many techniques and been good at challenging my thought processes. All has been very useful. It is very easy to communicate with Jason and he always delivers quality coaching.

Harald Sundby
Senior Vice President

Jason is highly professional and a very comptent sparring partner to navigating collaboration, cross-functional relationships and improving communication skills.

Trond Delbekk
CEO at Værste AS

Jason has been a close friend and coach for many years. I have used his coaching both on a professional and personal basis and benefited greatly from his insight and direction. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jason to anyone thinking of engaging a coach whether it be for their own personal needs or on a coporate level.

Richard Stott
CEO at Connectum Capitol Management